Why You Need a Personal Injury Attorney After a New Hampshire Motorcycle Accident

In June 2019, a truck driver allegedly caused a motorcycle accident that killed seven motorcyclists in New Hampshire. The truck driver now faces seven criminal charges of negligent homicide. The truck driver was pulling a trailer when collided with the motorcyclists on Friday. In addition to the seven fatalities, three other people suffered injuries and were airlifted to the hospital.

Motorcycle Accidents can Cause Serious Injuries

Hiring a motorcycle accident attorney is wise for those who have suffered injuries in a motorcycle accident. The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) states that in 2017, 37,133 people died as a result of motorcycle accidents in the United States. 17% of fatally injured motorcycle drivers had high blood alcohol content. For every mile traveled in the United States in 2016, motorcycle deaths occurred nearly 28 times more than deaths from car accidents. Head injuries are one of the most common motorcycle injuries that lead to death or severe impairment.

A Skilled Lawyer Will Investigate Your Claim

The skilled Ward Law personal injury attorneys know how to investigate our client’s motorcycle accidents thoroughly. We interview witnesses, find video surveillance, and attempt to find new witnesses. When necessary, we reconstruct the accident to show who caused the accident. Our attorneys have connections with skilled experts who can testify as to the extent of our client’s injuries and the cause of the crash.

Experienced Attorneys Know How to Negotiate with Insurance Companies

One of the most challenging aspects of being involved in a motorcycle accident is dealing with insurance companies. The experienced motorcycle accident attorneys at Ward Law have decades of experience successfully negotiating with insurance companies. Insurance companies are for-profit organizations that seek to deny claims whenever possible. Many times, an insurance company offers a settlement amount that is far below the medical costs and living expenses of the injured party.

At Ward law, our attorneys are familiar with how insurance companies deny claims. When insurance companies deny our clients claims or offer them amounts that are too low, we file compelling appeals and negotiate on behalf of our clients.

An Attorney can Negotiate a Settlement or Take Your Claim to Trial

If you have suffered injuries resulting from a motorcycle accident, you may need to file a civil lawsuit against the at-fault driver. At Ward Law, our attorneys are experienced trial attorneys. We know how to negotiate a settlement agreement with the at-fault driver assertively. If a settlement negotiation fails, we can fight hard for your rights at trial.