Who Is Responsible for Flying Snow/Ice From a Vehicle?

New Hampshire passed Jessica’s Law in 2002. The law requires New Hampshire drivers to clear snow and ice off of their cars before they get on the road. Jessica’s law is named after Jessica Smith, who died as a result of ice from a tractor-trailer which slid off the top of the truck, hit a box truck, and then hit her car. Ice that slides off of cars when they start driving can act as “ice missiles”, flying through the windshield and injuring other drivers. If you have suffered a personal injury from an ice missile coming off another vehicle, you may be entitled to compensation for your injuries.

Ice Missiles are Extremely Dangerous

Ice missiles happen when blocks of snow or sheets of ice dislodge from the windshields or roofs of cars. These ice missiles can break windshields, causing serious motor vehicle accidents, injury, and even death. Even if an ice block does not cause an injury, they can startle drivers and cause them to lose control of their vehicles. One of the most dangerous time periods for ice missiles in New Hampshire is late January to early February.

Last week, a New Hampshire man was driving home from his job when a chunk of ice as large as a shoebox broke off the storage container truck ahead of him. After coming loose, the ice missile crashed through the man’s windshield and hit him hard in his forehead, leaving a large three-inch gash. The driver stated that if the ice block had hit him in the throat, he could have died.

Filing a Lawsuit for an Injury Caused by an Ice Missile

Under New Hampshire law, drivers must use reasonable care when driving. Reasonable care includes removing large blocks of ice and snow from your vehicle before driving in New Hampshire. If you have suffered an injury caused by an ice block in New Hampshire, you may be tempted to settle quickly with the other driver’s car insurance. Unfortunately, car insurance companies are notorious for offering settlements that are far too low.

Hiring an experienced car accident attorney will help you prove that an ice block caused your car accident. At Ward Law Group, our lawyers conduct serious investigations into ice block car accidents to prove that the other driver’s negligence in not removing the ice block caused the accident. In many cases, it takes an assertive attorney to negotiate with insurance companies in order to secure a compensation offer that is high enough.

When insurance companies will not pay enough compensation, or when insurance is not an option, you may need to file a personal injury lawsuit. At Ward Law Group, we offer our clients a free case evaluation. After listening to the facts of your case, we can help you determine the best possible legal strategy for your case. Contact our New Hampshire car accident law firm today to schedule your free consultation.