What to Consider When Choosing a New Hampshire Personal Injury Lawyer

If you have suffered an injury in an accident, you may feel overwhelmed. Perhaps your medical bills are piling up, you have had to take time off of work, and you are not sure how you will pay your bills. You may go online and search for a personal injury attorney in Manchester, New Hampshire. Hundreds of results will likely come up. How should you go about searching for and finding a New Hampshire personal injury attorney? These five tips will help you in your choose an attorney.

1. Choose an Attorney With Trial Experience

Many lawyers say that they handle personal injury cases. All you need to do is search “personal injury attorney” on Google or listen to ads on the radio or television to see how many personal injury lawyers are working in Manchester. One simple way to narrow down the list is to find an experienced trial lawyer who can represent you well at trial. Some attorneys only want to settle a case quickly and be done. You need an attorney who will fight hard and successfully take your case to trial.

2. Select an Attorney with Experience in Lots of Types of Personal Injury Cases

Personal injury accidents can happen in a variety of different ways. Car accidents, slip, and fall accidents, construction injuries, and bicycle accidents can all cause serious personal injury. Some lawyers only accept medical malpractice cases or certain types of personal injury laws. When you meet for your initial consultation, be sure to ask your attorney about their experience handling your type of personal injury case.

3. Accessibility and Communication

Quality communication is one of the biggest indicators of customer satisfaction. Your personal injury case is incredibly important. You need a lawyer who will provide timely updates as to the status of your case. You also need an attorney who will explain the process of your personal injury lawsuit and help you understand what is happening.

4. Choose an Attorney Who is Recognized in the Community

When selecting an attorney, it is essential to choose a lawyer who is a recognized member of his or her community. For example, attorney John Ward, founding attorney of Ward Law Group, is a lifetime New Hampshire resident. He is an active member of the Manchester community. Recognized as a Lawyer of Distinction in 2019, Ward Law Group also achieved a 10.0 Justia rating.

5. Choose a Law Firm with Many Referrals

When attorneys refer cases to other attorneys, it shows that they trust that law firm to offer excellent representation. At Ward Law Group, a significant amount of our client base comes from referrals by other lawyers. Many attorneys refer their clients to use because they feel confident that we take care of our clients with strong customer service and in the quality of work.

If you are seeking a Manchester personal injury attorney, Ward Law Group can help. Our lawyers have the experience needed to negotiate a winning settlement on your behalf. Contact our Manchester personal injury law firm today to schedule your free case evaluation today.