What is a Permanent Impairment Awarded in a New Hampshire Worker’s Compensation Case?

Something that is often the overlooked in worker’s compensation cases is the permanent impairment award. In New Hampshire, if you have a permanent impairment as a result of your work injury you may be entitled to compensation. Under RSA 281: A32 of the New Hampshire worker’s compensation statute, you can receive an award for a percentage of the permanent loss of use of the comparable body part. Comparable body parts are listed in the statute and the compensation is dependent on the percentage of your loss. Please note that this is a separate and distinct benefit in addition to any weekly compensation, medical benefits and vocational rehabilitation.

In accordance with the worker’s compensation statute, any medical opinion regarding permanent impairment must be based on the fifth edition of the AMA guides for the evaluation of permanent impairment. In order to qualify for permanent impairment, the injured worker must be at a medical end point. There is no statute of limitations in pursuing a permanent impairment award.

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