Watch Your Speed on the Highway

Almost everyone will acknowledge that they have sped at one time or another in their life on the New Hampshire highways. It may seem like no big deal, but the National Highway Traffic Safety Organization linked speeding to more than 26% of all traffic related fatalities in 2017. Almost 10,000 people are killed in a single year because drivers exceed the speed limit for that area.

Speeding and What You Can Do About It

Speeding is extremely common on the New Hampshire highways. Below are some of the most likely reasons that cause people to speed:

  1. Running Late. Your alarm doesn’t go off, you grab your keys, and you rush out of the house to work. One thing that could help prevent this is to have your things organized the night before. Also, setting a back-up alarm on your phone to make sure that you get up for work is a good remedy to prevent this scenario.
  2. Habit. Drivers speeding is just the norm. People believe that driving 5 to 10 mph over the speed limit is okay. However, according the World Health Organization, increasing your speed by 5 miles an hour increases chance of a fatal crash by 30%.
  3. Impatience. If you are running late, being stuck in traffic can make you feel rushed and drivers speed to try to make up for missing a light or getting stuck behind a little old lady driving 20 mph under the speed limit. Impatience can cause drivers to take off too quickly, pass other drivers recklessly, and run lights.

At Ward Law Group, we investigate our client’s crashes and hold speeding drivers accountable. We will hire accident reconstruction experts who can calculate the speed of the drivers and how that may have contributed to the collision.