Hispanics & Latinos Need Personal Injury and Workers’ Comp Attorneys

Hispanic and Latinos are much more likely to be fatally injured on the job. Personal Injury Attorney services are needed in the Spanish Speaking community. Their families are in need of the legal support of attorneys Hispanic and Latinos are much more likely to be fatally injured on the job, but are less likely to have access to legal services. Personal Injury Attorney services are needed in the Spanish Speaking community who specialize in personal injury and work related accidents.

Job safety among Hispanic/Latino workers has often boggled the minds of individuals working within the occupational safety community. This is owed to the incredibly high documentation of fatal occupational injuries related to Hispanic/Latino workers as compared to all other workers. According to a paper in the Monthly Labor Review of 2013, Hispanic/Latino fatal occupational injury rates by Christen G. Byler, findings indicate that there are higher rates of recorded occupational injuries associated with foreign-born Hispanic/Latino workers as compared to native-born Hispanic/Latino workers. This can largely be attributed to differentials in employment between the two groups. Despite their common ethnicity, the two groups are categorized separately. Foreign born Hispanic/Latino workers originate from diverse countries with the largest population from Mexico. Various agencies such as Pew Research Hispanic Center, Department of Labor, National Council of La Raza and American Federation of Labor and Congress of Industrial Organizations (AFL-CIO) have constantly provided assertions that foreign-born Hispanic/Latino workers as compared to other U.S. workers are likely to face occupational safety barriers. These may include limited or lack of proficiency in English, worker safety laws and rights, absence of cultural precedent for safety and the fear of employer retaliation against any worker who chooses to speak out on the safety hazards in their place of work.

On the contrary, native-born Hispanics/Latinos have quite a good knowledge of American culture, similar educational opportunities as U.S. citizens, a good understanding of U.S. law and a rich exposure to the English language hence the lower rates as compared to the former. However, Native-born Hispanics/Latinos often succumb to occupational injuries at higher rates than foreign-born Hispanics/Latinos in occupations with higher all-worker fatal injury rates. This can be attributed to their employment in these occupations which is less than half the number of Foreign-born Hispanic/Latino workers.

“For much of the past two decades… the rate of work-related fatalities for Latinos has exceeded the rate for all U.S. workers, at times dramatically so. During the period 2003–2006, for instance, the fatality rate for Latino workers exceeded the rate for all workers by nearly 35 percent.”
– Dr. John Howard, Director of the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health

With these facts in mind, it is necessary to put in place measures to ensure a reduction in these statistics. One such measure is to ensure both groups of workers have access to personal injury attorneys. According to attorneys.com, personal injury is a term used to describe physical and mental injuries that occur due to another person’s negligence, intentional actions or strict liability. Personal injuries are legally categorized as torts, which comprise of civil as opposed to criminal law. This serves as a way to hold someone else legally accountable for your injuries. Most occupational injury cases involving Hispanics/Latinos often involve negligence. For a case to hold and be considered valid, through the victim’s assistance, it is the responsibility of the personal attorney to ensure that they can prove the source of your injury being the negligence of another party. This entails duty of care, breach of duty direct cause and harm. Duty of care should be able to prove that the employer was obligated to act prudently to avoid injuring the other party while breach of duty should be able to prove that the employer knowingly exposed the workers to a substantial risk of injury or did not even realize of the potential risk larking. Direct cause should prove that the employer’s deliberate action or lack of action resulted in injury or death while harm consists of the attorney proving that the worker suffered a financial loss due to the employer’s negligence. This could include documents such as medical bills.

Through the use of various resources such as the internet or consulting friends, family or peers, Hispanics/Latinos can be able to easily get access to experienced and affordable attorneys. Through websites such as attorneys.com and Market to Latinos, this information can be availed in both English and Spanish. Those seeking legal help should also be aware that tort laws vary from state to state and should seek the aid of a personal injury attorney who is experienced within their jurisdiction.

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