Speeding-Related Car Accidents in New Hampshire

A Derry, New Hampshire, man faces accusations of driving at an excessive rate of speed in September, 2019. New Hampshire state police report that the suspect drove at a speed of 136 miles per hour. Police arrested the man on reckless driving charges. Thankfully, the suspected reckless driver did not cause an accident. Car accidents that occur when one car travels at an excessive speed frequently cause severe injuries.

Excessive Speed Played a Roll in Nearly One Third of Car Accidents

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, speeding killed more than 9,378 people in 2018 alone. Additionally, 49% of drivers who died in fatal crashes in 2017 were speeding and not wearing a seat belt. Every year, speeding is a factor in nearly one out of every three motor vehicle accident fatalities. Speeding endangers the driver as well as everyone else on the road.

Common Reasons New Hampshire Drivers Speed

Most adults understand that speeding is dangerous. However, many New Hampshire drivers continue to speed. Common reasons why people speed includes the following:

  • Many drivers who speed and drive aggressively cite traffic congestion as a reason for using excessive speed.
  • Running late is another common reason for using excessive speeding. With the stress of shuttling children to school and after-work activities and getting to work on time, many drivers use excessive speed in an attempt to not arrive late to school, work, or a meeting.
  • Disregard for the law and other drivers is a common reason people speed. Some individuals speed just because they want to do so. Sometimes certain incidents trigger aggressive driving episodes, such as one driver cutting off another driver. In other cases, a driver simply does not want to follow New Hampshire’s speed laws.

Speeding in New Hampshire can Have Terrible Consequences

Drivers who use excessive speed place themselves and others in danger. In addition to facing criminal charges for reckless driving, speeding can also cause the following consequences:

  • Increased consumption of fuel
  • Increased severity of injuries caused by the crash
  • Reduced effectiveness of airbags and other passenger and driver protective equipment
  • Greater potential of the driver to lose control of the vehicle
  • Economic costs of property damage caused by accidents involving excessive speed

Speeding is Just as Dangerous as Drunk Driving

Speeding caused nearly the same amount of deaths as drunk driving throughout a 10-year period. A new study by the NTSB compared deaths caused by drunk driving with speeding-related deaths. Drivers surveyed stated that they know speeding is dangerous but acknowledge that it is still extremely common.

Tips to Avoid Speeding While Driving

Drivers can reduce the temptation to speed by taking the following steps:

  • Relax before driving
  • Set aside more time to reach your destination
  • Pay attention to your speedometer
  • Use the cruise control to set your speed when driving a long distance

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