Seeking Compensation for New Hampshire UPS Injuries

In the middle of the holiday season, UPS workers face tight deadlines and work long hours. With more consumers than ever ordering holiday gifts online, package deliveries are at an all-time high. Delivering packages is particularly dangerous during New Hampshire winters as many people do not properly de-ice their sidewalks and driveways.

When UPS workers become injured on the job, they may have a right to benefits through worker’s compensation or through a personal injury lawsuit. If you have suffered an injury as a UPS driver, the attorneys at Ward Law Group can help. Contact our Manchester office today to schedule your initial consultation.

UPS Has a Poor Track Record for Responding to Workers’ Injury Claims

UPS workers have recently accused company management of retaliating against employees who report workplace accidents. One Ohio warehouse worker claims that UPS management creates a “culture of fear” in order to prevent workers from seeking compensation. UPS representatives have stated that employees have several options for reporting their injuries. However, more than 40 state and federal lawsuits are currently open. The lawsuits allege that UPS managers discouraged their employees from filing injury reports.

In one lawsuit, a UPS employee injured his shoulder while unloading a heavy package in 2017. He attempted to file an incident report with his supervisor. His supervisor allegedly advised him against filing a report. The supervisor allegedly told him to return to work. After a month of requests, the company finally authorized the employee to visit a doctor, who restricted him to lifting packages that weigh less than 20 pounds. He is currently bringing a lawsuit against UPS. Other plaintiffs have filed lawsuits alleging that UPS supervisors refused to accept their injury incident reports.

New Hampshire OSHA Violations

Last year, a New Hampshire UPS employee fell from a loading dock while at work. The accident resulted in a broken hip, wrist, pelvis, and elbow. UPS management did not call for emergency assistance; instead, they took him to a parking lot in a package cart and drove him to the hospital themselves. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) issued UPS an initial fine of $13,260.00 over the incident. OSHA and UPS eventually agreed on a settlement.

What Should a UPS Employee do After a Workplace Accident?

If you are a UPS employee and you experience a workplace accident, you must notify your employer within two years of your injury. If not, you might have to waive your right to potential benefits. Should your manager refuse to help you file an incident report, it is wise to speak to a skilled workers’ compensation attorney.

The workers’ compensation attorneys at Ward Law know how to assertively fight for the rights of our clients to compensation. We advocate for our clients throughout the entire process and our representation is especially helpful when an employer is not complying with federal and state workplace regulations. Contact our Manchester law firm today to learn how we can help you with your UPS workers’ compensation claim.