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No personal injury case is too small to be evaluated by a personal injury attorney. Oftentimes, individuals believe they have a valid claim but don’t believe it is big enough for an attorney to want to handle. My advice? Call an experienced attorney and get your case evaluated no matter how small you think your claim is.

What is a minor injury case?

When people think about personal injury cases, they often think of one of two extreme examples: the person involved was significantly injured or killed; or the person sustained a whiplash injury and simply needs a neck brace. These are both potential claims, however, there are many variations of injuries between those two examples. Generally, there is not a question of whether a claim exists for the first example. The latter example is what would be considered a minor injury. Minor injuries usually do not require surgery, only require limited treatment, and typically resolve within a short period of time.

A whiplash injury is the perfect example of a minor injury. There is no doubt that whiplash is a legitimate injury. It normally resolves in a few weeks. A whiplash injury ordinarily arises from a motor vehicle collision. It occurs from the sudden force or movement on your neck from the impact of a crash. If someone is involved in a crash and only suffers a whiplash injury, he may be wondering if there is a personal injury claim available to him. The simple answer is Yes.

There are numerous other types of minor injuries that can arise that are compensable, some more examples are: a soft tissue injury to your back; a concussion; pain in an area of the body without a break or a fracture; and an aggravation of a previous injury or illness.

Is a Minor Injury Worth Pursuing?

No matter the extent of the injuries you have suffered, if those injuries were caused by the fault or negligence of another then you have a potential personal injury claim. The question then becomes, is it worth your time and effort to pursue such a claim. When pursuing one of these cases, the insurance company is first going to look to find out how much the medical expenses are. Oftentimes, in a minor injury case, the medical expenses can be low. There may only be an emergency room visit or an urgent care visit. Possibly some follow up care. But generally speaking, the bills may land somewhere under $10,000.00.[1] What is important to note, and one of the reasons that minor injury cases can still be worth getting evaluated, is that usually a person suffers more financial harm than just their medical bills. If the person lost wages then those can be compensable. If the person suffered conscious pain and suffering, which takes many different forms, then that is compensable. So, even though the medical bills may not seem that extreme, there are other considerations that add value to your case.

Even if there are no other expenses beyond medical bills, you should still get your case evaluated.

[1] In Massachusetts, in an automobile collision, your medical expenses must exceed $2,000.00 in order to bring forward a personal injury claim. However, there are exceptions to this rule, such as if the injury causes death, loss of a body part, or permanent disfigurement.

How Can We Help?

Here, at the Ward Law Group, we have over 20 years’ combined experience in handling personal injury cases. Since each case is different, we develop an approach and a plan of attack for every client. We understand what documents and records are needed to ensure that a personal injury matter receives the highest settlement possible.

We are a trial firm. What does this mean for you? It means that we can keep your best interests as a priority. It means that we do not just accept any settlement just because it is offered. If the offer is not fair, and the insurance company is unwilling to offer more, then we prepare for trial. We are ready to take any case to the jury if that is what is in our client’s best interests.

Since, we cannot normally know the value of a personal injury case early on and since we cannot guarantee results, we arrange our representation to give you the best chances of getting as much from your settlement as possible. The way we do this is by working on a contingency fee basis. We have a standard contingency fee that is based on a percentage of the settlement. This allows us to help out with cases that would otherwise be too small if we were working on an hourly fee basis. Since we work on a contingency fee for personal injury cases, this alleviates the potential risk of spending more than we ultimately obtain for you. Our fee will always be based on what we are able to obtain. What this breaks down to is: if it is a small settlement, then it will be a small attorney’s fee.

If you have been injured through the fault of another, let us fight for you.

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