If I Am Injured on the Job, Who Will Pay My Medical Bills?

In New Hampshire, the workers’ compensation carrier has the obligation to pay the cost of medical, hospital and remedial care related to the work injury pursuant to RSA 281-A:23. This includes medical bills, prescriptions, medical devices and reimbursement for mileage to and from medical appointments.

The workers’ compensation carrier has thirty days from the date of the receipt of the invoice or statement to make payment or deny the bill. The denial must be issued in writing to the injured employee and a copy must be sent to the provider and to the Labor Department providing a reason for the denial and advising the employee of their right to request a hearing.

The injured worker has eighteen months to request a hearing at the New Hampshire Department of Labor. The hearing will be conducted in front of a hearing officer at the New Hampshire Department of Labor. After the initial hearing, either party may request a de novo appeal in from of the Compensation Appeals Board (CAB).

It is important to note that injured workers have the right to have an attorney present at the medical bill hearing. Any legal fees incurred during a medical bill hearing will be paid by the worker’s compensation carrier if it is found that medical bills are related to the work injury. If an attorney loses a medical bill case, he is entitled to no legal fee and should not bill the injured worker for his time.

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