How Social Security Disability can Help You Get Back to Work

The Social Security Administration (SSA) offers those receiving Social Security Income benefits (SSI) and Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) a way to achieve self-support. The pass program is called the Plan to Achieve Self-Support (PASS). PASS is a provision of the Social Security Administration that helps people with disabilities get back to work.

What is PASS?

The PASS system is a provision that helps certain disabled individuals find employment. The goal of the program is to help the individual find gainful employment and eventually help them eliminate their need for SSDI or SSI benefits. Individuals who are receiving PASS receive job search help. To qualify for PASS, you need to meet the following criteria:

  • You desire to work
  • You receive SSI or you can qualify for SSI by taking part in this plan because you are blind or disabled
  • You have an income that puts your resource levels above the resource limit
  • SSDI can use a PASS and become eligible for SSI while the taking part of the PASS plan

Pass plans help qualifying individuals plan for the future. The plan lets participants put resources or income away to reach work goals. Applicants often set money aside to help them get specialized training, use the money to start a business, or use the money to go back to school. The end goal of the PASS program is to allow participants to eventually get the job they would like which will pay enough to help them eliminate the SSDI benefits you receive or reduce the benefits needed.

What Happens Via the PASS Process

Once an applicant does begin working, their SSDI benefits may become reduced. However, if you have an approved PASS plan, you can use most of your income from your job to pay for items you need in order to meet the work goal that you have set up with your counselor. The key to PASS is that the program does not count the money applicants save when they determine how much SSI they will receive. This means that an applicant often gets a higher payment while still setting aside money to save to pay expenses needed to reach their work goals.

Our Lawyers can Help

If you are interested in the PASS program, our lawyers can help. To qualify, you must meet the eligibility requirements. The PASS plan must be in writing, and Social Security must approve it beforehand. At Ward Law Group, we focus a large part of our practice on helping clients receive SSDI benefits and appeal SSDI denials. Contact our law firm today to schedule your initial consultation.