Facing Domestic Violence During COVID-19

As states, including New Hampshire, begin to reopen, many people are wondering how to deal with the consequences of domestic violence. The executive director of the Crisis Center of Central New Hampshire is now handling more than 70 domestic violence-related calls per week on her domestic violence hotline.

The coronavirus pandemic has limited the ability of domestic violence victims to seek help and avoid violence. Many domestic violence victims could not leave their homes, go outside, or get help. Domestic violence advocates used to be able to check in on victims regularly when they knew their spouses or partners would be gone. Now, that opportunity is limited. Sadly, this has allowed fewer victims to call in and make plans for how to safely leave their spouses.

Seeking a Protective Order in New Hampshire

While New Hampshire courts have not completely opened up, courts are currently hearing emergency cases, including those for protection orders. The person named in the protective order must avoid contact with the victim and stay a certain distance away from the person who is seeking the order. Protection orders usually last up to a year. Contact includes calls, emails, in-person meetings, and any other type of unsolicited communication.

If your spouse or partner has been verbally or physically abusive, Ward Law Group can help you file for a protective order. Our lawyers can help you file for the order of protection. If you need to file an emergency order without notifying your spouse or partner, we can help you do so discreetly. We can also represent your best interests in the hearing regarding the order.

Seeking a Divorce in New Hampshire

Many people have predicted that divorce rates will increase once the stay-at-home orders become lifted. In many cases, spouses who are stuck at home together feel extreme tension. Issues that have gone on for years can come up and make themselves known. With a massive number of Americans filing for unemployment insurance, financial pressures put even more stress on relationships.

When one spouse has a history of domestic violence, whether verbal or physical, it can become worse during the pandemic. Sadly, many people will suffer serious and dangerous domestic violence attacks while the shut-down order remains in place. In some cases, pandemics help people focus on what needs to change, including leaving spouses who are abusive and dangerous.

Seeking Help with a Divorce in New Hampshire

If you or a loved one has suffered domestic violence, and you have decided that it is time to seek a divorce, we recommend that you speak to an attorney at your earliest convenience. The sooner you speak to an experienced family law attorney, the better.

Here at Ward Law Group, we offer you a free initial consultation with an experienced family law attorney. Our lawyers are empathetic and willing to listen to our clients and we are also incredibly assertive when it comes to representing them through the divorce process. If you choose to contact our office, we can help you create a strategy for your divorce and we promise to fight for your interests throughout the entire process.