Does Workers’ Compensation Cover My Carpal Tunnel Injury in New Hampshire?

Workers have a right to make a claim for workers’ compensation benefits if they develop carpal tunnel as a result of their occupation. The occupations where carpal tunnel symptoms most often develop include computer/data entry workers, factory workers, professional drivers, nurses, musicians, craftsmen, and chefs. This is not an exhaustive list, as any occupation where there is a repetitive work task can lead to such an injury.

Causes of carpal tunnel

When the wrist, fingers, or hands are constantly used for repetitive motions, your median nerve can become inflamed. This causes pain and numbness in your hands and fingers. The Workers’ Compensation process begins when you notify your employer of the injury. Carpal tunnel syndrome is usually defined as a cumulative trauma injury with the date of injury being the first date of medical treatment. When the claim is filed with the workers compensation carrier, they will have 30 days to accept or deny your claim for medical benefits.

How to fight insurance company

Insurance carriers will frequently deny carpal tunnel claims. They will hire an expert to testify that your carpal tunnel syndrome/treatment is pre-existing or that the condition doesn’t meet trigger thresholds which carpal tunnel syndrome.

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