Why Was My Social Security Disability Application (SSDI) Denied?

Most first-time applications for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) are denied. In many cases, the Social Security Administration denies cases because the applicant does not fit into the perfect box of what they consider to be applicable.

If you have received notice that your SSDI application has been denied, do not give up the fight. The Social Security Administration (SSA) assumes that most people will appeal the denial of their benefits. Appealing is a typical part of the application process. Below are some of the most common reasons for a denial of the claim.

Failure to Submit a Complete SSDI Application

Submitting an SSDI application is not easy. You will need to provide lots of documentation and make sure that you accurately submit your application. The SSA expects all of the applicants to fill out every blank and question on the application. When applicants do not provide all of the requested documentation, the SSA will deny your claim. It is essential to keep in contact with the person handling your claim. At Ward Law Group, we can handle your claim for you and respond to all inquiries promptly on your behalf.

Your Income Level is Too High

If you are applying for Social Security Income benefits, you will need to prove that your income falls below the threshold. There is no income requirement for Social Security Disability Insurance. However, if you earn more than $910 per month from your job, your claim will be denied. You will need to prove that you are unable to work and not currently working to have a successful SSDI application.

A Lack of Medical Evidence

One of the biggest reasons for the denial of an SSDI application involves a lack of evidence of a disability. You will need to prove that you do have a disability that is severe enough to interfere with your daily life and make you unable to perform your normal work activities. Even if you know that your pain is extremely bad, you will need to submit documentation of a diagnosed disability. One of the best things you can do to increase your chances of approval is to keep detailed records of all of your medical paperwork.

Prior Application Denials

The SSA will often deny claims when the person reviewing your application sees that you have previously been denied benefits. Keep in mind that going through the appeals process will not decrease your chances, while filing a new application when your first application was denied (instead of filing an appeal) can hurt your chances of approval.

Failure to Follow Your Doctor’s Prescribed Treatment

Applicants must follow the treatment plan their doctor prescribes or the SSA will deny their claim. If you are unwilling to cooperate with your treatment plan, the person evaluating your claim might assume that you would be able to work if you complied. If you have a valid reason for not complying with your doctor’s treatment plan, you can bring that issue up during the appeals process.

An experienced Social Security attorney can help walk you through the appeals process. Don’t hesitate to call to get assistance with the process.