Coronavirus and Nursing Home Negligence

As the coronavirus sweeps across the country, grocery stores are running out of necessities as people throughout New Hampshire have been stocking up. Additionally, New Hampshire’s Superior Court has rescheduled all criminal and civil trials for at least a month. The Governor of New Hampshire has also declared a state of emergency for coronavirus.

Throughout all of the panic, one thing has become clear. Elderly individuals are the most vulnerable. Additionally, nursing homes are extremely dangerous for residents during the coronavirus pandemic. What duty do nursing homes have to act reasonably to stop the potential spread of coronavirus in New Hampshire nursing homes?

Coronavirus and New Hampshire Nursing Homes

A nursing home in Washington state was recently hit especially hard with Coronavirus. Coronavirus became a serious issue in a Kirkland, Washington, nursing home. As of two days ago, 47 employees of the nursing home had tested positive for coronavirus and 95 employees showed symptoms of coronavirus. Additionally, 63 nursing home residents tested positive for coronavirus. Sadly, 25 of the 37 coronavirus deaths in Washington have been linked to this nursing home.

Nursing Homes Owe Residents a Duty of Care

New Hampshire nursing home facilities owe their residents a duty of reasonable care to prevent the spread of coronavirus. Elderly nursing home residents and residents with underlying health issues are at a much greater risk of dying from coronavirus. Nursing homes should take additional precautions to prevent coronavirus from spreading throughout the nursing home facility.

When nursing homes do not take the steps to protect their residents from coronavirus, they may be acting negligently. Under New Hampshire law, residents who become injured or die from coronavirus have a legal right to bring a lawsuit against a negligent nursing home.

Nursing Homes Have a Duty to Take Extra Precautions

The Centers for Disease Control advises healthcare employees to follow incredibly strict procedures for preventing the spread of viruses, including the following:

  • Nursing home staff should wear personal protective equipment
  • Nursing home staff should restrict visitors from coming into contact with infected patients
  • Nursing home staff should practice proper hand hygiene
  • Nursing home staff should prevent potentially infected or infected staff members from coming into contact with nursing home patients

Bringing a Nursing Home Negligence Lawsuit Regarding Coronavirus

Nursing homes that do not take the necessary steps to prevent coronavirus from spreading can be held legally responsible for damages and death caused by the virus. For example, if an infected nursing home staff member exposes a nursing home resident to the virus after not wearing protective gear, the nursing home resident may have a valid claim for a negligence lawsuit.

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