Common Causes of Tractor-Trailer Explosions in New Hampshire

Recently, a tractor-trailer explosion took place on Interstate 93. Law enforcement closed part of I-93 on the Concord-Canterbury line in New Hampshire. A tractor-trailer truck rolled over and exploded. The driver of the tractor-trailer was extremely lucky that he only suffered minor injuries. In many tractor-trailer accidents, the explosion results in one or more instant deaths. Tractor-trailer accidents are particularly dangerous because the large vehicles often carry explosive materials. If you have suffered an injury in a Manchester tractor-trailer explosion, our law firm can help. Contact Ward Law Group today to schedule your free initial consultation.

What Causes Manchester Tractor-Trailer Explosions?

Tractor-trailer accidents can be particularly deadly. In New Hampshire, our icy weather conditions make driving a tractor-trailer even more perilous. Some of the most common causes of tractor-trailer accidents include the following:

  • Jackknife accidents: In these types of accidents, the cab of the truck trailer faces in one direction. The front of the trailer faces another direction. Bad road conditions, faulty equipment, and improper braking can all contribute to jackknife accidents.
  • Rollover crashes: These accidents often result in explosions. Tractor-trailer rollover car accidents are extremely dangerous. Tractor-trailer trucks roll over more frequently than other vehicles. When tractor-trailers slide on ice, or when drivers speed or take a corner too fast, a rollover can happen. Once the rollover accident starts, drivers completely loses control. Any other driver or pedestrian in the way can be harmed. Additionally, when tractor-trailer trucks roll over, they can block several lanes of highway traffic on New Hampshire freeways, causing multiple-vehicle pileups.
  • Brake failure: When brakes fail, tractor-trailers can speed off the road and collide into other cars or objects. Those conducting maintenance on tractor-trailers have a duty to take reasonable care when repairing vehicles. If you suffered an injury caused by faulty brakes in a tractor-trailer, you may be entitled to compensation for your injuries.
  • Underside accidents: Underside accidents happen when a tractor-trailer truck stops too suddenly and the car behind the truck slams into it. These types of accidents are typically fatal for the driver of the vehicle that collides with the large tractor-trailer.

Recovering Compensation in Tractor Trailer Explosions

To recover compensation for your injuries, you need to prove that someone else’s negligence caused the accident that caused your injuries. Successful plaintiffs are entitled to the following damages in New Hampshire:

  • Medical bills, including physical therapy expenses, rehabilitation, and medical equipment
  • In a wrongful death lawsuit, funeral and burial costs
  • Replacement of lost wages for those who were injured when the injured party was the breadwinner, or if family members were forced to take time off of work to care for the injured individual
  • Compensation for pain and suffering and other intangible, but serious losses. You may also be entitled to loss of companionship.

We can Help

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