Unsurprisingly, the number of auto accidents increases significantly in New Hampshire during winter. Although driving, in general, is dangerous, winter is one of the most perilous times of year to be traveling. Most drivers in New Hampshire are experienced at driving in unfavorable winter conditions, but accidents still occur, and some are left with minor to severe injuries.

Should you have been injured due to an auto accident because of winter road conditions, you should consider speaking with a New Hampshire personal injury attorney. At the Ward Law Group, we have experience helping those who have sustained injuries in an auto accident because of bad winter conditions. With our firm’s help, you can breathe easier knowing your claim will be handled efficiently while you focus on your recovery.

Three Of The Common Causes Of Auto Accidents On Winter Roads In New Hampshire

Even if you are well accustomed to driving during hazardous winter conditions, you can always be better prepared. New Hampshire winters can be frigid and miserable, which makes driving unpleasant and many people easily lose focus while others are too hyper-aware.

An accident really can happen in the blink of an eye, which is why it’s vital to learn what to look out for when driving during winter. If you would like to avoid an auto accident, you should look at the three most common causes of auto accidents on winter roads in New Hampshire below.

1.   Poor Visibility

One of the biggest causes of an auto accident during winter is poor visibility. Contrary to what many drivers believe, it does not have to be snowing for your visibility to be affected. Often the road sprays from your vehicle and others on the road coupled with hazy fog and mist can decrease your visibility almost as much as snow.

Luckily you can increase your visibility during winter by ensuring your car’s windshield fluid is full. Additionally, there are specific brands that manufacture windshield fluid for winter, and if you use it, you will improve your visibility further and decrease your chances of getting into an accident.

2.   Slippery And Icy Roads

Arguably one of the top causes of winter-related auto accidents is icy and slippery roads. An icy or slippery surface significantly affects vehicles handling capabilities. Cars driving on icy or slick roads are more likely to drift, swerve and slide, which increases the likelihood of auto accidents. If you are not paying attention or become distracted while driving during winter, you have a much higher chance of crashing.

While driving, you need to slow down and avoid accelerating if you notice a road is slippery or icy. However, you should not break too suddenly as this could cause you to lose control of your vehicle. Should you notice that your car is drifting and sliding, you should try to steer it in the direction that your front tires are going, as this will help you gain control of your vehicle safely and quickly.

3.   Slush And Snow

Besides icy and slippery road conditions, slush and snow are also significant contributors to auto accidents. When driving through snow and slush, vehicles often have difficulty, especially if the car you are driving is not suitable for winter weather. Snow can cause you to become stuck, while slush can contribute to a road’s slipperiness. These circumstances often contribute to the occurrence of auto accidents.

To avoid an accident when driving through snow and slush, you should try to drive in the tracks of any other vehicles that have previously made their way through the area. You should also avoid accelerating and speeding.

The Common Injuries Caused By Winter Road Conditions

Every year in the US, 24 percent of auto accidents occur because of snowy, slippery, icy, or slushy pavement, while 15 percent of auto accidents occur during sleet and snowfall. Unfortunately, those who have been in an auto accident during winter will sustain some type of injury. It’s essential to know the various injuries you could sustain if you are involved in a winter auto accident.

  • Various neck and back injuries, including spinal cord and slipped disk injuries
  • Broken bones, bruises, and lacerations
  • Severe traumatic brain and head injuries
  • Soft tissue injuries
  • Chest injuries
  • Internal injuries

Who Is Liable For An Auto Accident That Occurs Due To Winter Weather Conditions

It can be challenging to determine liability in an auto accident that has transpired due to winter road conditions. However, a qualified attorney can help you figure out who is at fault for your sustained injuries. Additionally, an attorney can also help you fight for compensation.

Many people who have been in an accident in New Hampshire during winter have asked themselves if they can attribute the accident to adverse weather conditions. Unfortunately, drivers cannot blame bad weather conditions for their accidents. In New Hampshire, every person has a legal duty to drive safely and responsibly regardless of weather conditions.

It is presumed that you are aware of the dangers associated with operating a vehicle during winter. If you don’t adhere to the road rules or participate in risky behavior like speeding, these actions could lead to losing control of the vehicle. If this occurs, you could be held liable for damages. The same principle applies to other drivers on the road.

What You Should Do If You Have Been Involved In An Auto Accident During Winter

Unfortunately, even the most careful driver can get into an auto accident during winter in New Hampshire. Should you ever be in a crash, there are a few things you should remember to do. Following these simple guidelines will potentially help you build a better case should you need to seek legal action.

  • Get to safety and call 911. A police unit will attend your accident scene and file a police report that you can later use as evidence.
  • Seek medical attention at a hospital or doctor as soon as you are able. By seeing a doctor, you will have a record of the injuries you sustained during the accident.
  • Gather accident information. Even if the weather is incredibly unfavorable, you should try to gather as much information as you can. Get the driver’s insurance information involved in the accident, license number, cell phone number, and witness statements.
  • Get in contact with a New Hampshire auto accident attorney. If you have suffered injuries, you should consider contacting an auto accident attorney. They can deal with the insurance companies on your behalf and help you initiate legal proceedings if you need to.

Get In Contact With A New Hampshire Attorney Today To Discuss Your Auto Accident Case

A winter auto accident can leave you with many injuries. You shouldn’t have to divert attention away from recovering to focus on legal proceedings. That’s why you should consider hiring a New Hampshire auto accident attorney. At the Ward Law Group, we want to help you if you decide to initiate a case. You deserve to be professionally represented so that you have a better chance of recovering the compensation and justice you deserve. Get in contact with us soon for a hassle-free consultation.