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Types of Workers’ Compensation Benefits in New Hampshire

If you are interested in applying for workers’ compensation benefits, you may be interested in the different types of benefits available to workers in New Hampshire. You may be wondering about the differences between indemnity benefits, temporary total disability (TTD) benefits, and diminished earning capacity (DEC) benefits. Indemnity Wage Benefits in New Hampshire Indemnity benefits […]

Ward Law Group Opens New Office In Nashua

The Ward Law Group is pleased to announce that they have opened a Nashua office at 1 Tara Boulevard, Suite 200 in Nashua, New Hampshire. The Ward Law Group, PLLC is a statewide practice with over 60 years of combined experience to handle any legal issue. Ward Law Group, PLLC concentrates on personal injury, workers’ […]

Social Distancing and Parenting Plans in New Hampshire

The coronavirus pandemic has led to significant issues regarding parenting plans and social distancing. New Hampshire is currently under a shutdown order requiring people to stay at home unless they meet certain exceptions. The requirements of social distancing are putting pressure on parents who co-parent through parenting plans. What happens when one parent is in […]

Personal Injuries Caused by Riots: Know Your Options

Protests and riots have been happening for weeks all across the country. Protests began after a police officer in Minnesota put a knee on George Floyd’s neck during an arrest, killing him. Protesters have gathered in cities around the world. Riots have ensued in several cities, causing serious personal injuries, property damage, and even death. […]

Facing Domestic Violence During COVID-19

As states, including New Hampshire, begin to reopen, many people are wondering how to deal with the consequences of domestic violence. The executive director of the Crisis Center of Central New Hampshire is now handling more than 70 domestic violence-related calls per week on her domestic violence hotline. The coronavirus pandemic has limited the ability […]

What are Your Rights After Being Arrested?

We are living in turbulent times. It is more important than ever to understand your rights should you be arrested. Knowing ahead of time what the arrest process will look like will help you if you go through the process of being arrested. Navigating the legal process can feel overwhelming. We recommend hiring a New […]

Employees Rights During the Coronavirus Pandemic

As states, including New Hampshire, begin the process of re-opening, many employees are worried about their safety when they return to work. Many employees are also concerned about whether they will qualify for workers’ compensation. The threat of coronavirus is still serious and employees with pre-existing conditions are right to be concerned about their safety. […]

Attorney Ward Speaks for NH Bar Workers’ Compensation Webcast

While COVID-19 has driven many to bunker down, social distancing does not mandate that all activities cease. Attorney John L. Ward was one of two speakers selected to present a webcast on workers’ compensation law and COVID-19 for the New Hampshire Bar Association’s virtually hosted webcast held on Friday, May 22. Attendees learned what parts […]

Common Reasons for Denials of Social Security Benefits

Now, more than ever, people are relying on public assistance. Since the coronavirus shutdowns began, more than 20 million Americans have become unemployed. Additionally, more than one out of five workers have filed for unemployment benefits since the middle of March. Many families have experienced unemployment. When one spouse becomes disabled, it is important that […]

Personal Injury Lawsuits and the Coronavirus

As the coronavirus pandemic continues in New Hampshire and around the United States, the legal system is feeling the impact. People are wondering how the coronavirus pandemic might affect Manchester personal injury lawsuits. During these uncertain times, it is important to understand how COVID-19 could impact your pursuit of compensation through a personal injury lawsuit. […]

Ward Law Group Scholarship Program Winners 2020

This February, Ward Law Group launched the Ward Law Group Annual Scholarship Program, in which we asked high school and college students to participate. While our initial offer included only one scholarship, we could not choose only one winner and extended the scholarship to include a runner-up award of $500. As there were several qualified […]