Applying for Social Security Disability During the Coronavirus Pandemic

If you have become disabled and unable to work in Manchester, New Hampshire, you might be wondering if you can still apply for benefits. Social Security offices around the country, including in New Hampshire, have been closed since March. All is not lost, however; you can still apply for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI).

How to Apply for SSDI During the Coronavirus Pandemic

While Social Security offices are closed around the country, you can still apply for Social Security Disability Insurance benefits online. You will need to meet the following qualifications:

  • You are 18 or older
  • You are not currently receiving benefits on your own Social Security record
  • You are unable to work due to a medical condition that doctors expect to last at least a year or result in death, and
  • You have not been denied SSDI benefits in the last 60 days. If the Social Security Administration (SSA) has recently denied your application, you can file an appeal of the denial on the internet and request a review of the decision.

If you are not sure whether or not you qualify for Social Security Disability Benefits, speak to an SSDI lawyer. If you do qualify, it is worth taking the time to submit an online application. Receiving monthly SSDI benefits can help you and your family pay for necessities during these uncertain times.

Common Mistakes Made in SSDI Applications

The Social Security Administration (SSA) is known to be slow-moving. During the coronavirus pandemic, the agency is not operating at full capacity. Many employees are working from home. It is even more important to remember that your application should be accurate and thorough. You do not want to give the SSA any reason to deny your application. One of the most common reasons for denying an application is due to the application containing mistakes or not containing all of the required information and documents.

Information Needed to Apply for SSDI in New Hampshire

At Ward Law Group, we can help you apply for SSDI. By having lawyers support you as you apply, you increase your chances that the SSA will approve your application. You can help us by gathering the information and documentation you will need to apply, including:

  • Your birthdate, place of birth, and Social Security number
  • The names and dates of birth of your spouse and children
  • Your bank’s routing transit number and the account number if you would like your SSDI benefits to be deposited directly into your account
  • The contact information of a doctor who knows about your disabling medical conditions
  • Detailed information about your injuries, condition, or medical illness
  • Names and dates of medical tests and who sent you for the tests
  • Detailed information about your work

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