A Dog Bit Me In New Hampshire: What Should I Do?

Many dog owners in America have well-mannered and trained dogs that won’t cause injury to other people. Unfortunately, even a domesticated dog can bite someone with little to no warning. A study from the Center For Disease Control was released in the US, and this study highlighted some shocking statistics.

It has been proven that approximately 4.5 million dog bites occur annually in the US. Of these 4.5 million bites, it is estimated that 80,000 people need to seek medical care for their dog bite injury. If a dog in New Hampshire has recently bitten you, you may not know what to do about your injury.

That’s why we have compiled a checklist along with some supporting information that will help you.

What Are The Most Dangerous Dog Breeds

Contrary to popular belief, most dog bite attacks occur at a residential address. This means that the people bitten most often are family members, delivery service employees, neighbors, and relatives. Now that you know this, you might be asking yourself, “What are the most dangerous dog breeds?” Interestingly the answers might surprise you.

Rottweilers, Pit Bulls, and German Shepherds are the main culprits for dog bites in the US. Yet, other breeds such as Boxers, Dobermans, Huskies, and Labradors are also known to bite people often. Even smaller breed dogs like Jack Russells and Chow Chows bite people. Essentially, any dog can bite someone, even if it has not been provoked, but these breeds are the most likely to attack you.

The Steps You Should Take When You Have Been Bitten By A Dog

When a dog has bitten you, it is often a frightening and painful experience. You likely don’t know what steps to take to put the unpleasant experience behind you. Fortunately, there are a few simple yet crucial steps that we have managed to source. Should you undertake them when a dog has bitten you, you will be in a better position to move on with your life.

1.    Remain Calm

If a dog has bitten you, remember to stay calm. Under no circumstances should you try to catch the animal because this action could lead to further injuries. Instead, try to make your way to a safe location calmly.

2.    Determine Who The Owner Of The Dog Is

Once you are safely away from the dangerous dog, you need to try and identify who the dog’s owner is. If you cannot find out who the owner is, try and identify the person who had custody of the animal at the time of your injury.

You will need to speak with this person and gather information after seeking first aid and medical attention.

3.    Follow First Aid Guidelines And Seek Medical Attention

Not all dog bites are severe. If you have received a superficial wound, you can administer first aid yourself by immediately cleaning the wound. If you have a puncture wound, you should let the blood flow for a few minutes before applying pressure to stem the flow.

Should the wound be severe, you will need to seek out medical attention immediately. Phone 911 or get someone to drive you to the hospital where they can assess your injuries. Some dog bite injuries require stitches while others need surgery.

Regardless of whether your dog bite injury is minor or significant, you need to ensure you visit a doctor. A medical professional can make a record of your injuries and prescribe you any medications you could need to help with your recovery.

4.    Get In Contact With Animal Control

This step is only necessary when you aren’t aware of who the dog owner responsible for your injuries is. You should contact animal control so that you can report the animal before it can hurt anyone else. Additionally, animal control can determine if the animal is up to date on its vaccinations which will help you learn if you need to receive rabies injections.

Moreover, if the owner is present and you don’t need to contact animal control, you can determine if the animal has received all of its vaccinations. Yet, you should consider following up with the dog’s veterinarian to ensure the owner is not lying.

5.    File A Dog Bite Report

Once you have received medical attention, you need to file a dog bite report with the proper authorities in your state. If you have a dog bite report, you will have a legal document of the incident.

A report will also help someone else who may be bitten by the same animal in the future. If you decide to file a dog bite claim with an attorney, you can use this report as evidence in your case.

6.    Gather General Information And Photograph Your Injuries

It’s vital that you gather as much relevant information about the dog and its owner that you can. Find out the name of the owner as well as their contact details and address information. Additionally, you should find out the dog’s license information and any records surrounding the history of the animal.

After you have done that, you need to take photographs of all your injuries, either while the doctor is treating you or after you have been treated. Make sure also to take photos of any torn clothing and the physical location of the incident, as this will help if you decide to seek compensation.

7.    Obtain Insurance Information

Fortunately, many homeowner insurance policies cover the various medical expenses and other losses that might have been incurred because of a dog bite. Often an insurance company will call you to discuss the monetary compensation they believe you are entitled to.

However, you shouldn’t accept a settlement from an insurance company without consulting with an attorney first, as your claim could be worth more than you realize.

8.    Get In Touch With A Dog Bite Attorney

The last step you may want to consider when a dog has bitten you is to contact a dog bite attorney. An attorney can help you quickly and efficiently navigate the various legal issues surrounding a dog bite and they will know the laws and the best ways to help you receive the compensation you deserve. If your injury is small, your bills may be small and easy to negotiate with the insurance company. However, if you run into issues with your insurance or there are lasting scars from the injury (especially if the victim is a child), then you may want to consult an attorney to consider your compensation options.

In New Hampshire Who Is Liable For A Dog Bite?

In New Hampshire, dog owners are strictly liable for injuries caused to another person as the state does not require proof of negligence. Any person who has been directly or indirectly injured due to a dog’s menacing or vicious actions can claim damages.

Additionally, in New Hampshire, it is not only a dog’s owner that can be held liable but also its keeper or possessor. If the dog owner is a minor, liability will become the responsibility of the minor’s parents or legal guardian. However, a person injured by a dog cannot claim damages if they were committing a criminal act such as trespassing.

What Damages Can You Claim If A Dog Has Bitten You?

Should a dog have bitten you and caused you injuries that have resulted in pain and suffering or financial struggles, you may want to initiate legal proceedings. Should this be the case, you might be curious about what compensation you are entitled to.

Below is a list of damages that a dog bite victim in New Hampshire may be able to recover.

  • Medical bills and expenses, including future medical consultations with physical therapists and psychologists.
  • Lost wages or income because your injuries have caused you to miss work.
  • Property damages that are related to the dog bite incident.
  • Certain punitive damages surrounding particularly outrageous or reckless behavior.

Get In Contact With A New Hampshire Dog Bite Attorney Today To Discuss Your Case

Getting in contact with a New Hampshire dog bite attorney will be incredibly beneficial if you decide to seek compensation for your injuries. Since this state is a strict liability state, the law is in your favor. An attorney at the Ward Law Group will know how best to use the dog bite laws to achieve a favorable case outcome. You deserve justice for the suffering and emotional trauma you have been through, and we can help you achieve it.

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