5 Black Friday Shopping Tips for Consumers

Black Friday can be a lot of fun with amazing deals and shopping trips with friends. However, keeping safety in mind can be key to ensuring that your day is filled with Black Friday shopping fun.

  1. Enter with caution. There are many videos showing crazed shoppers mobbing entrance doors as soon as the store opens. Keeping your distance could be the difference between a great day of shopping or a trip to the hospital.
  2. Protect yourself. Large crowds create greater opportunities for theft. Keeping your purse close to you or your wallet in your front pockets can prevent you from becoming an easy target.  Avoid carrying large amounts of cash and shop in a group whenever possible. In high density crowds, more eyes never hurt anyone.
  3. Conceal your purchases. Nothing is more tempting to a thief than a car full of shopping bags. Always lock purchases in your trunk if you are heading back into the store to continue shopping.
  4. Be aware of other drivers. Many drivers may be rushing to get to the store of their choice and may drive recklessly to get there first. Remember to drive defensively and be extra aware of your surroundings.
  5. Be aware of Pedestrians. Be careful to drive the speed limit and stop at any stop signs, traffic lights, or crosswalks. Pedestrians do have the right of way in crosswalks in New Hampshire.

As always, be careful and stay safe! Holidays are a time of celebration and we would all like to keep them that way. Happy shopping!