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What is a Wrongful Death Lawsuit in New Hampshire?

A wrongful death lawsuit in New Hampshire is filed when someone dies because of the careless actions of another person or a business. People with a legal interest can sue the individuals or companies that caused the death and receive damages for their loss. Wrongful death claims are filed in New Hampshire Civil Court because […]

What is Loss of Consortium?

Injuries or death cause significant harm to families of loved ones who are uninjured or left behind. Not only are there emotional impacts like sadness and grief, but loved ones often face the loss of consortium too. As a result, they can make a civil court claim to be compensated for their loss. What is […]

Snowmobile Safety Week: 12 Tips to Keep You on the Trails

Do You Love Safe Snowmobiling? Then This Is Your Week. January 16-24 is International Snowmobile Safety Week. Across the world, snowmobile organizations and riders will be promoting events that help keep everyone safe on the trails. Snowmobiling is a popular sport in New Hampshire. There are more than 41,000 registered snowmobilers in the state. The […]

5 Black Friday Shopping Tips for Consumers

Black Friday can be a lot of fun with amazing deals and shopping trips with friends. However, keeping safety in mind can be key to ensuring that your day is filled with Black Friday shopping fun. Enter with caution. There are many videos showing crazed shoppers mobbing entrance doors as soon as the store opens. […]

Stress Free Co-Parenting over the Holidays

There’s a lot to think about when it comes to child visitation. You have birthdays, vacations, weekends and more. However, no time can be more stressful than the winter holidays, especially if you are newly divorced. In most cases, parents will want to see their children as much as possible. If there is no agreed-upon […]

Types of Workers’ Compensation Benefits in New Hampshire

If you are interested in applying for workers’ compensation benefits, you may be interested in the different types of benefits available to workers in New Hampshire. You may be wondering about the differences between indemnity benefits, temporary total disability (TTD) benefits, and diminished earning capacity (DEC) benefits. Indemnity Wage Benefits in New Hampshire Indemnity benefits […]